The Learning Curve…..its steep!

So, along with the bath, everything was a learning curve, and yes, I mean everything. I had to completely forget about the way I used to do everything. I was quite reliant on a wheelchair leading up to a surgery, but I had 2 legs. One there to balance on, and another to land on (even though it killed) if I needed too. The other learning curve was the age old saying of ‘you find out who your friends are’, when big events happen. I was quite lucky here. My best friends, and they know who they are, there are 4 of them, were amazing. They came to visit me in hospital. My closest 2 came almost every day. I was never alone for very long. My mum in law even came in twice, which was just lovely. When it came to work people however. Well, out of my whole department, and theres probably about 50 of us, one person bothered to come in and see me. Well, mortified doesnt really cover how I felt about this. My department is 3 wards up from the ward I was on. They all knew I was going in. I put it on facebook and visited the department. The killer was, that I have worked there for 8 years. Yes Id had alot of time off, but all those people that ‘claimed’ to be my friends, diddnt really seem to be. I was in for 2 weeks. I saw some of them in the corridoor, and they were very nice, and said theyd ‘pop in’, but diddnt. Its not all doom and gloom. I saw a couple of the consultants which I work with, and they were just wonderful. So kind. One of them diddnt have a clue that I was having this done and held my hand and said ‘if there is anything you need, please say’. This almost made my cry. It comes to it that you work with a ton of people, and the consultants are the nicest. Im not saying that they shouldnt be, and in my experiance theyre just wonderful, but they seem to get a bad rap from Nurses.

So couple the lack of visitation from work people with all of the rumours which were flying about, and this was pretty hard to take. The funniest rumour was that I had my leg chopped off to get out of work! (If you dont laugh, you cry). There was alot like this. Little did those people know that I still had friends in my old work place, and the hospital is actually quite a small place, so they heard them and told me. One of my old work friends came in to see me twice too.

2 of the besties at my foot party

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