Little niggle….

Im now a few weeks into training. For the most part it is going well. Im now up to 5.7 miles. I have done this distance twice now, and this sunday (which is my distance day) I plan to increase this. Im still despirately trying to fundraise for a wheelchair. I havnt heard anything yet. Im sending emails out every day, talking to people on the phone, but nothing yet! I have set up a just giving page and have had a few donations already, which is amazing. So fingers and toes crossed!

At the end of my second session I felt a little niggle in my right shoulder. I iced it and diddnt think much of it, but the next day, wow it hurt! I made an appointment with my GP, but as usual the nearest appointment was 4 weeks away. Hopefully I will get to see a physio before Christmas! Anyway, I iced my shoulder three times a day for a week and finally I could see improvement. I was very careful with weights in the gym too. I diddnt want this to be the end of the road already.

So my session on Saturday the 8th of June was brilliant. I only stopped a couple of times, and this was mainly to let people go by. I made almost 6 miles and could have done further. This is all in my silly, heavy chair. So im hoping that by the time I get a lighter, more permenant one, I will fly along!

The half way point. As promised wearing my Huel t shirt that they kindly gave me.

The gym strength training is going well. My strength has almost doubled. Ive been working on my nurtition, and increased my protein and carbohydrate intake. Huel kindly sent me a box of goodies. A couple of t shirts, and some protein powder, which really came in handy. Its gluten free too! (Im allergic to gluten….very allergic!).

My new @huel goodies.
I cant thank them enough.

So today im back to using the quite dangerous, red chair. I wont be defeated though. Every hour in the chair helps. Every hour is another step closer to my goal. Hopefully this time next year, I will be getting ready to set off….

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