Whats big, red & heavy?

Answer…..the wheelchair ive nicknamed ‘big red’, which I used for Wednesdays training session. I thaught Id try going another way along the quay. It turns out that this was a bit of a mistake. It would seem that big red cannot travel over the smallest pebble without tipping over, getting stuck or leaving me wheelspinning! But, never to be defeated, I carried on. It felt like miles and miles of this relentless terrain. Actually it was probabaly a mile! Eventually I found myself near the bridge which would lead me back to a smoother path. But the bridge entrance is massively steep. But again, never to be defeated, I plowed ahead. Wheeling with all I had, up the incline. I made it to the top to face a 10cm metal lip onto the bridge. I tried and tried to get over it, but I couldnt. I even fell out of my chair trying. Which prompeted a lovely lady to stop her car and ask if I needed help. I declined (stubborn as ever!), and managed to hop up, grab my chair with one hand, lift it over the lip, and clamber back in it. Needless to say, I will not be going this way again! Not in this chair anyway!

Big red is top left, and this is the nice part of my session. Where is often starts and ends.

I made it back to my starting point relatively unscathed. This chair is very heavy, and rattles constantly. Im hoping it will help me with my technique for undulating terrain. It will hopefully help with my strength too.

I am so looking forward to getting a proper chair. I had a fitting with Unique mobility and Sunrise Medical yesterday (Thursday the 13th June). I was fitted for a Quickie Helium. This chair is perfect. Its excellent for my eveeyday mobility and will be perfect for my challenge. The only problem is that the total cost for the chair with a descent cushion so I wont get pressure sores, is just over £5’000. So far ive managed to raise £60. I dont have any savings to use, otherwise I would. So im plugging away at the manufacturers and wheelchair suppliers. Im hoping one of them will be kind enough to sponsor me with a wheelchair. So that I can train using it and complete my challenge in it. Afterall it will be benefitial for them. When its done, their chair will be part of a world record and will have been tested beyond most chairs. It will have traveled nearly 1000 miles on consecutive days. Not to mention the miles I will be doing in training. I am also trying to apply for grants. There are alot out there, bit when you start looking into them it seems that I only qualify for a few. I am also a wildlife artist (probably havnt mentioned that), I am holding an exhibition of some of my work between 4th – 11th of September at the custom house, Exeter Quay, and using all of my proceeds towards my chair/ the event.

These are some of my pieces.

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