Why do it?

Lots of people lately have been asking me why I want to do this challenge. Along with quite alot of comments like ‘your mad’, and ‘your crazy’, and basically alot of other comments along the same lines. I have also had alot of wonderful words of support and encouragement. So why? Well, its not just a case of why? I think the whole need to do something came from the 6 years of not being able to do anything. You see, before all of this I so wanted to do a half ironman triathlon. For those of you who are not sure of what that is, its 70.3 km broken down into 1.9km swim, 90km bike and, 21km run. So when all of this happened and I couldnt even begin to properly train for it, I was devistated. So when my surgery was done, and I started to realise that I could do something. I just had to change my activity.

When I first came up with the idea it was to give me something to do to help get some level of independance and fitness back. Something to achieve now, instead of waiting for the day when I can walk again, and maybe even run (hopefully). But as I started to look into things, it soon became more than that.

The day before my left below knee amputation.

I wondered if somehow it may inspire other people to realise that having a disability doesnt have to mean that you cant achieve something extraordinary. Yes Ive lost my leg. But my leg was stopping me from doing everything. I was in a kind of limbo, and now I have a definate sence of who and where I am. So to me being disabled doesnt mean anything other than a new set of challenges to overcome. This will be another one. I think that everyone is capable of anything that they want to do. All you have to do it put your mind to it, and your body will follow. I hope that people will see what is possable in an ordinary wheelchair, by an ordinary person, and see that nothing is too big that you cannot overcome it. All tou have to do is look at it, and find a way. Thats what I plan to do with my event. Take every day as it comes. Do the best that I can, and good willing, make it all the way. I may have lost a leg, but I think ive gained an understanding of alot more. Myself.

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