Meet Florance…

Alot has happened in the past few days. Where do I start? Well, I was back at the mobility centre and my awesome prosthetist managed to get me an amazing leg. Its almost a blade, its so good. Aparently im the 1st person i the southwest th have a blade like this one. I walked up and down the bars with it on. It felt amazing. Amazing, apart from the pain. Which just increased and increased, until I couldnt bear anymore. Ok this is getting a little worrying now! I tried not to think too much of it. But if your anything like me, trying not to think aboit something, meana you think about it constantly, and your brain just has a battle with itself! So, thinking about it all of the time….and trying to convince myself of anything that it could be, other than what it may be! But even with all this going on, I was still so happy to try my leg. It was only a few days later that I was back at the mobility centre and I tried it again. The same situation occured. Lots of pain! But I decided to struggle on through. I walked with my crutches. Went up stairs, and down, and up and down a slope. I had to stop a few times, but I diddnt care. Because my physio said that if all went well, I could take my leg home after this session. So this session was going to go well. No matter the pain.

I got to take it home. Then came to giving it a name. It cant be called ‘it’ forever. So we went round in circles with my favourite names, but none of them fit. Then came Florance. I was thinking of Florance Griffith Joyner (Flo-Jo) the amazing world record holder for 100m and 200m sprint. My lovely wife said strate away, ‘oh, like Florance and the machine. Shes Florance the machine’. I actually really like that reference. So my leg is now Florance.

Here she is. The F was already on there when I got her. Very convenient!

So she is now home. I have managed a couple of minutes per day. But then im so sore I have to take her off. Its so annoying. I keep hoping that one day I will put her on and it wont hurt this time. Fingers and toes crossed for this one! But in the mean time, im shuffling along in my wheelchair. Still despirately trying to get funding for my, what I call, proper chair. I have been in contact with the British Legion, and hopefully they may be able to help a bit.

2 thoughts on “Meet Florance…

  1. Florence looks fabulous, Lexi! What’s her technical name?
    I really hope she gets more comfortable, and the cause of the pain isn’t what you don’t want it to be.
    Lotsa love,
    Maggie. xx


    1. Thankyou. Im so glad you like her. She is awesome. Aparently its a fillauer all pro. There is a huge amount of flexion and extension in the ankle. I tried again today, but could only wear it for a few minutes. So frustrating 🤞😖


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