I hate morphine 🤬

Its 3 days since the flop. Stumpey is extremely angry. Letting me know just how galacticly stupid I was to fall on her! (Yes stumpey is a her!). Ive seen a few ladies with ‘him’ stumpeys, but mine is definately not. I think its because shes happier when taken care of, clean shaven and pampered a little. So I have had alot of flare ups in the past 3 days. Ive had to up my morphine to its maximum and it doesnt do alot. I actually just found out that morphine doesnt help with a CRPS flare up anyway! Aparently one of the only things which helps is Ketamine, and Im not going down that road. I think that my fall has triggered the crappy pain syndrome into action! The anoying part about morphine when you are no longer used to a high dose, is that it makes you sleepy, forgetful, dopey and uncoordinated. Now, if you ask my wife, im these things all of the time anyway 🤭🤣, so any exacerbation is just plain silly! So for the past 3 days ive hardly done anything. I couldnt do my wheel on sunday as I was in too much pain. I did manage to go to the gym yesterday, but that was after sleeping half the day on the sofa. A bit like today. Oh yes, we have joined a new gym and its fantastic. Loads of kit, and a lift between the 2 floors. Experianced another new disabled part of life too. I never need an induction to a gym as im a very qualified instructor, but at this gym I had to have a disabled induction. Not to show me the kit, but to give me a seperate code for the disabled door, and show my the other disabled bits!! I thaught it was good, if not somewhat anoying. Cat could train from the minute we signed up, but I had to wait for this induction, and when the gym your currently using has no air conditioning during the hottest point in the year, you really dont want delays! But now we are in. We love it.

Stumpeys bruise is coming out more!

Things are looking up in other ways. The carpet is finally being put down in the hallway, which means no more bottom chafage for me! I also had a visit from the British Legion today to see if they can help me with my wheelchair. I am keeping everything crossed. The one im using at the moment is jusr rediculous. Its again, not set for active people that want to self propell. Ive currently got 2 sprained hands, 2 sprained wrists and 1 sprained shoulder. I hope this means that Im getting the injuries out of the way early. It will be like all my Birthdays and Christmasses rolled into one when I finally get that chair. Im finding it a little difficult to comprehend at the moment, that I may have to give up on my dream of walking, and running again. But, im not going to stop trying. Where theres a will, theres a way!

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