Excuse me, would you like a push?

I thaught id tell you all about something odd which happened to me the other day. I have been previously warned before that things like this could happen, and honestly diddnt believe it. Until now that is!

Cat and I went to the International air show at Yeovilton. Absolutely awesome doesnt even cover it. Were both huge fans of fighter jets. I think having being baught up in the era of Topgun did it! So there we were, enjoying the day. It got rather chilly and I decided to wheel myself through the crowds to see if I could find some trousers to purchase, rather than continuing to freeze in shorts. So lesson number 1 for that day is always take a spare pair of trousers when out for the day, and the weather is unpredictable.

So there I was, weaving myself through the tightly packed picnic blankets and foldable chairs, when all of sudden I started to wheel a bit faster, which was soon followed by a man saying ‘do you want a push’! I said ‘no thankyou’, regained control of MY chair, and was hoping to be on my merry way. Then he proceeded to ask me questions. The easiest was to explain this is to put it into conversation format.

Man: How did you loose your leg, was it an IED?

Me: No

Man: What was it?

Me: A chronic pain condition called CRPS.

He then proceeded to ask me what that was and I explained it. Then followed…

Man: how are you coping?

Me: fine, it is what it is!

Man: Do you have a fake leg?

Me: yes.

Man: why dont you wear it then?

Me (getting a little annoyed!), because the CRPS is back in my stump and its too painful to wear a leg for more than a few minutes!

Man: oh i see, but it must be awful for someone so young, are you on anti depressants?

Me: No, im fine, it is what it is.

Man: well thats brillinat, you take care.

With that he was gone! How massively random! And incredably strange. Not to mention a little insulting.

At the air show! Rocking the geek hat! 🤣

After this random event, I was left a little taken a back. Personally I wouldnt dream of asking a stranger if they were taking antidepressants. I wouldnt even ask my friends that! When he left, I got a chance to see the faces of the picnic people who surrounded me, and it was conpletely hillarious. The shocked look on their faces. Followed by the shaking of the head and mouthing of ‘omg im so sorry’! Was quite funny. I kind of just took it as it is. Another strange experiance in the world of being an amputee. Lesson number 2 for that day. Be prepared to answer random questions from random strangers about your private life! Now I know why ive been advised to make up a funny story ahead of time. Ive heard things like,’a shark bit it off’, or look mortified and just simply say ‘my leg is missing….how did that happen?’ And wheel off. I think this is my personal favourite.

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