Tomorrow is the big day….

Sounds ominous!! But it is the BIG day for me. After months of relentless begging, and pleading, I will finally be getting my new socket! Hopefully filled with just one sock. This came as a huge suprise. My good friend Kate came with me to my last appointment at the mobility centre, for moral support. I was met both my physio and prosthetist, and went strate into the casting room. This was a suprise. Unbeknown to me, earlier that week a friend of mine had spoken to them and told them that i was not happy with what was going on. This seemed to help and put them into action and finally recasted me for a new socket. Thank goodness. I couldnt be happier. The only problem is that i feel awful when i go there now. I hate conflict, and yet I now feel that Ive upset the people that I really like and respect by not being happy with them. (Im far too sensitive sometimes!) If only the chap that felt the need to chastise me for something that I diddnt even do, had maybe asked me first before acusing!!! Surely things are not supposed to be this difficult or stressful!

As for the other bits of life, well I still dont yet have my chair, but I am trainig hard in th gym. Every day without it pushes the achievable date back. This is supposed to be a positive thing. To show what can be done with alot of will power and determination, and to show that being an amputee and having to use a wheelchair, is not the end of the world. Yet I have mainly been met with distain. People seem to think that i need my wheelchair just for the event. This is not the case. I need the chair because I cant wear my leg much due to the crps. When I cant wear my leg, I still want to be active, so I need an active chair. It is that simple.

College is going well. We had our first assessments this week. Maths was, well, ok ish!! I will find out the verdict next week. I’m loving english. The creative writing is amazing. Im writing a continuing piece about a victorian female serial killer… I quite like the gothic era. I know I messed up one of my questions in the english exam. I completely forgot to describe the styles of writing, in the section which askes you to do just that! Instead I rambled on about the story itself; analysing it within an inch of its life!! Oops!!

So keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that my new socket will fit and be much better than the one which I have now. Its certainly going to be smaller, so I can finally wear my old clothes again (simple pleasures!)

The new chair should be similar to this. Pretty cool, I think!

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