Fancy that! A date at last.

A letter arrived through the door last week. An appointment. Not unusual at all, as I have an abundance of these. But this one baught a sigh of relief. It stated that on the 21st of November I will be finally collecting my newwheelchair. This month, things may finally start to turn around. I have my driving lessons through the week of the 11th of November to the 15th, when I have my driving test. 6 hours a day of driving. Its going to be quite a test of endurance for me, as ive been off work for quite some time. Then my chair 10 days later. Amazing.

So how is the new leg? Its amazing. It looks so much better than my last. It is much smaller so my trousers fit alot better. I have been visiting the tailors and sewing alot myself, to fit 20 inch zips into the inside seam of my trousers, so that I can remove my leg when I need to; without dropping my trousers! Its such a simple fix, and yet so life changing. I love my clothes. Ask my wife! She dispares everytime the postman arrives! “Been shopping again Lex?” She normally says! But to be fair, I am lucky. I hit the jackpot with my wife. She never minds me spending anything. She knows that im an avid bargain hunter, and as we are almost the same size; we get to share clothes!

So back to the leg. It is amazing. But unfortunately I cant wear it much at all. My pain has gotten much worse. I have now developed the all too familiar aldonia, which is where your skin hurts to touch. I had this periodically before my amputation. Mainly with heavier touch or in the bath, but now it is with most things. Also, my skin has gotten extremely baggy, as I am shrinking really fast. So my ‘baggy boob’, as my wife calls it; is now a pendulous baggy boob! So the skin is rubbing on itself. My Fibula, which is the bone next to the Tibia (bones of the lower leg) is rubbing on my prosthetic also. I have another appointment with my prosthetist on the 20th of November. I think this problem is just going to get worse; as is the nature of crps. I still have no word about an appointment to see a specialist. But I remain ever hopeful.

Flo 2.0

Training is still much the same. I can work hard in the gym, but wont be able to commense proper chair work until I recieve my new chair, and get my hand fixed. I also need my shoulders looking at to see if there is any lasting damage. Lets hope not.

Still, there is alot to look forward to. I am causiously optimistic about my future. I am a realist and believe that you can change so much, but you have to accept those things which you cannot change. I have crps again, and that will not just dissapear. My choices are simple. Hope that soon I get to see a specialist and maybe try some treatment. Try this spinal stimulator, although im yet to read any positive results with a crps patient. If all else fails, and I can raise the £50’000 needed; then I want to try osseointegration. There is a lovely lady in America who has had it, and has crps, but she will be able to walk despite it. Failing that, its trying an above knee. Thats something I really do not want to do unless absolutely necessary. But I cannot give up and just accept that this is the way things are. I had a few weeks where pain was less, as if to tease me into a false sence of security; and it was amazing.

Stumpey staying warm!

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