I passed….

So as you may remember, last Friday was the day I had been waiting for…. the 2nd attempt at my driving test. I was extremely nervous, and not very confident; but I passed. I was so extatic. The poor examiner…I ended up bursting into tears in the driver seat, when he told me that I had passed! It means so much. I can have a little independance again. We chose our car specifically so that I can get my wheelchair in and out of the car by myself.

The past week has been a definate learning curve. Driving without the reassurance of the lovely Darren at second 2 none driving school, is a little scary. But ive managed it. Ive taken myself to the hospital for my CRPS appointment, and to physio, and to college. Its amazing. Once more, my poor wife can now; finally rest and stay at work, rather than having to clock out every day to take me here, there and everywhere. So a welcome break for both of us 😍

So, as for the rest of the week. I finally had my pip assessment on Wednesday, after waiting over 9 months to have my face to face appointment. For those of you who dont know, you are supposed to be seen within 6 weeks!! I have had my appointment changed 4 times. Then at the beginning of December, myself and the amazing Steve from BLESMA, (who has helped me so much); went to what was going to be my face to face, and the assessor left the building before even seeing me. She basically walked past us and went home! Then because of the mess ups, I was assured that I was going to be seen within 2 weeks of that date (4th December), and I was finally seen yesterday….and then It was delayed by 2 and a half hours!! But I was seen…. the lady was very lovely too. She was very kind and had actually heard of CRPS, which is amazing. Almost nobody has heard of it.

Todays appointment was not too helpful. Now we are trying a bit of tape on my stump…. I understand the premis behind the confusion which my pain receptors are in, and the tape may confuse them….but ive been waiting for 9 months for treatment…and so far we have tried local anaesthetic plasters…which made it worse, and now tape! I still have not seen a Doctor at the pain team, or a specialist of any sort. I have learnt that there are a few treatments which I should have had early on, which may have helped; but I diddnt recieve. An all too familiar story. The same as the pain Doctor who was supposed to arrive on the ward prior to my amputation, to put in a block and try to control my pain prior to surgery, and she diddnt show up; despite being reminded, and my consultant telling her she should be there. This was the same Doctor who accused me of, and I quote ‘self mutilation’, because I elected to have my amputation due to the crps. Those of you who have it, will know why I made this decision.

Anyway, I would also like to thank the wonderful lady who gave a very generous donation to my Just Giving page, where I am raising funds for my freewheel and eventually Osseointegration. This lady knows who she is, and gives me so much support. She is absolutely amazing and completely restores my hope for humanity; showing that there really are some amazing people out there. Thankyou so so much ❤ I have had a few requests to share my page, so I have put a link below.


For those of you who have CRPS, I learnt something interesting today. Aparently what Ive been doing for months….applying heat packs to my stump that is effected; has proven to help lots of people with CRPS. I have 3 of them, and spend alot of time with them on my stump. I wish I could find one which would last more than 5 minutes though!🤣. Also, I have been accepted for a clinical trial on CRPS, so will be winging my way to London in a couple of weeks for an assessment. On the same day I have my assessment for the veterans pain clinic in London, where they offer a residential course with CBT and other coping mechanisms. This I am so greatful for. Ive heard great things about the king edwars hospital, and am looking forward to hearing all about it. Hopefully it will help.

I do hope that all of you are having a good January and are sticking to those new years resolutions ğŸ¤£ğŸ¤ž. I have to say, that I made a couple, well, they are more like goals; so watch this space as I hope to fulfill every one of them. Lets hope that this year just gets better and better…..

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