The King and I?

So some good news. ‘At last’- I hear you say. Indeed! I went all the way to London a week or so ago. Had my appointment at the King edward hospital, for the veterans pain management clinic. You have to be assessed before being accepted. It was a long day. 4 hours of driving each way. I actually drove for an hour and a half, which i’m really happy about as i am still a ‘new driver’.

The clinic was really impressive. I had proper conformation that I have crps. They were shocked that I have not yet, despite 3 referals; seen the pain team where I am. I explained to them my history with them. With the doctor accusing me of ‘self mutliation’ because I elected for an amputation. Then the same doctor being booked to place a block in my leg to try to get my pain under control, and thus reducing the possability of complications. So as you may know, I was admitted 4 days prior to my amputation for this procedure to take place. She was given the dates. Suprise suprise, she diddnt show up, despite my consultant ringing her. Now my crps is back. Did her what I would call, neglegent neglectful behaviour have an influence on my crps returning? Maybe? The doctors in london diddnt conform or deny this is a possability.

So needless to say though, that they said i should have no involvement with the pain team at Exeter. So instead they have refered me to Bristol or london. I have chosen Bristol as its closer. They have also accepted me onto the pain management programme, which takes place in London in June. Fingers crossed that something may help. The pain seems to be getting worse every day, but I am ever hopeful that something will come along which will be of benefit.

So a word of advice that I can give to anyone. If you see a doctor or any health professional that makes you feel upset or like a pile of rubbish, firstly you can complain, and secondly id request another professional. They may just be having a bad day of course, but I think I can confidently sat that in my 14 years being a registered nurse, I never took my mood out on a patient. The patients were normally the best part of my day, and often a welcome distraction from working life in the nhs, which is probably the least compassionate place on the planet to work, when it comes to caring for its staff! But thats another story!

So for now, im plodding along. I havnt yet gotten my hand fixed, and so cant train. But I am looking foreard to the day when I can. I am getting to the gym and still working with weights, so that when I can return to full function, I will not have lost all muscle mass, apart from that in my leg, which now looks like a twig! Ha ha!.

Stumpey trying local anaesthetic plasters….diddnt work, but it was worth a go 😊
Little Lily is growing up so fast ❤

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