1st Ampuversary

What a year!!

So, a whole year has passed since my surgery. My official ampuversary was a couple of days ago on the 4th of April 2019. As you know, it has been a tough year. It started with so much ambition and anticipation, and although all of the goals and dreams which my surgery was supposed to allow me to achieve; have not come close to being achieved; I will not stop fighting. I have managed to do some things this year. My driving test, which I passed just before Christmas. People ask me why I diddnt do it sooner, simple; I diddnt need to, I used to cycle everywhere, or even walk, which I loved to do. ❀

How stumpey has changed.

I have gone back to college to study english and maths, sadly now though we are all on lockdown and college is no more. I just hope that I have done enough to get a good grade 🀞. My challenge went south, due to injury and having to wait 8 months for a wheelchair which I could use. I still have hopes though of completing it in the future. I did have my 1st solo exhibition of my art which was really well recieved, and was shortlisted for the pastel societys art prize, which was amazing. I sadly lost my baby Winkeypoo to Leukaemia, which is by far the hardest thing Ive ever had to go through. I dont think I will ever get over loosing him. But now we have our lovely little Lily, who is named after the vet who saved Winkeypoos life on numerous occasions. ❀😿

I sadly still have not recieved any help from the pain team. A year and 8 referals later! Thanks to BLESMA though which is an amazing charity for veterans, they have arranged a pain course for me at King Edwards hospital for veterans in London. My course is due to start at the end of June, but I am now unsure as to weather this will rightly, need to be delayed. Also they have gotten me an appointment with a pain consultant in Bristol, but I am sure this will be aranged also. Cant help that though. We must all sacrifice at the moment.

So, whats to come? Well this year the plan is to start my access course to go back to university. As you know my dream is to study to become a Doctor, sadly this has been the hardest dream to give up on/postpone! Unless I can walk again and get my crps under control, there is simply no way I can get accepted into medical school. I wanted so much to become an Anaesthetist. If there is any way in the future, that this can be possible, then you bet your ass, I will go for it! But in the mean time, I have found a huge love for writing. Creative writing especially. My spelling needs work, but, that besides, I am hoping to go back to Uni and study a degree in English and Creative writing. But that will be in 2022. 🀞😘

I will never give up on trying to walk and run again, so this year is about trying to raise as much as possible for my osseointegration. Thankyou so much to those who have so kindly donated already. It means so much. More than you know ❀ I hope to start proving my worth using my wheelchair by doing a 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. Of course this is all dependent upon the healing of our great nation, from this disasterous virus. I hope all of you are staying safe and at home. 🀞

Id like to thank all of you who have continued to support me throughout the past year, and you know who you are. My amazing wife, Shannon, who has to put up with me rolling about the sofa crying, endless medication mood swings, sleepless nights, trips to the microwave to get my heat packs, manouvering my wheelchair up amd down the stairs; just to name a few things. She is my hero. My rock. The most amazing person I have ever met, and I feel so lucky to be married to her. ❀ Id like to thank Steve at BLESMA, who has been working so hard to make my life better. They got me my driving lessons, and college, and lots of aids for my home to make my life easier. I hope to raise some money for them in the future as pay them back. Catherine and Emily at Exeter mobility centre, who have worked tirelessly to try to get me walking. We are a long way off, but they never give up, because they know I wont! 🀞❀ Maggie, who always messages me, eventhough I am rubbish and forget to answer strate away. You are incredable. Such an amazing woman, who has shown me so much support over the past year, I cant thank you enough ❀❀

One of my favourite photos of me and Shannon ever. This is our 1st Brighton pride, back when I had 2 legs…

So this disease has taken so much from me so far. My leg, my career, my hobbies, my goals, my dreams. But one thing it has taught me is to never give up.and never give in. I can always make new goals, and new dreams. The old ones will always be there, trying to rear their heads and smack me in the face like a wave of heat from an oven door, but I just have to make sure that I open that door slowly, and dont let them hit so hard. My pain is relentless at the moment, but I am finding ways to cope. I hope that this time next year I will be able to walk without excrutiating pain, but that is my biggest dream. So in truth, Im not sure what the future holds right now. None of us do, in this uncertain world we now live in. I just hope my friends, family and little furbabies are healthy and happy. Much love to all of you, and please stay safe πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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