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So, some of you may remember; way back when; that I started my just giving page, which was two fold in request. The first being for my freewheel attachment for my wheelchair so that I could finally negotiate the somewhat procarious streets of Exeter, and wheel myself about unacompanied,. The second being for funds for my Osseointegration surgery, so that one day, I may have the chance of walking again.

I am so pleased to report that I reached the 1st milestone, with thanks for some extremely generous contributions, and purchased my freewheel. It arrived just over a week ago, and so far I have been out and about 5 times. I am up to 5 miles. It is brilliant. It helps alot with my confidence, and I have had no further tipping incidences; which plagued my wheeling before. I am so incredably greatful to those of you who were kind enough to share my page, and to donate.

In my carpark with my freewheel.

It is a strange old world which we are living in at the moment. But for me, and others out there who suffer with chronic pain; this life is kind of, the norm. Not to be all melancholy about things, but when you are living with crps and other conditions like it; most of life is spent in isolation. I am lucky that I have the most supportive wife I could ever wish for, and a couple of beautiful fur babies to keep me sane.

I have recently completed the 1st half of a pain management course with King Edwards hospital for veterans in London (via zoom). It has helped so much. In the 4 days I got to work with some of the countries leading experts in pain management. They have written a programme for me to work my way through each day, which includes stretching, desensitisation techniques, mindfulness training and general learning all about pain and what and why it is! I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has the chance. I have a family day next week and then another 4 days to complete the course.

I have noticed a few posts on the amputee pages this week, with people suffering with phantom pain. As you may know from my 1st post, I suffered greatly with this post op. It was almost instant, and excrutiating. But, thanks to Marianne at Exeter mobility centre, who came to see me in hospital, and start mirror therapy 6 days after my amputation, I have hardly had any since. I was rigid about following the instructions. I am no saint, and did miss a few days here and there, but it takes all of 9 minutes. I did this 1-2 times a day for a month. So worth it. Now, it is not for everyone, and does have some restrictions as to who can and cant do it; but if you are suffering, do speak to someone who can take you through the training and guide you how and what to do.

I hope you are all safe, and not too bored 😀

3 thoughts on “Freedom & such…

  1. Hi lexi, thank you for this article. Firstly I’m so pleased to hear about ongoing recovery, I love to hear about others success stories. If your just giving page is still running, can you send me a link please. Secondly I found your advice on phantom pains just what I needed to hear. I had an accident 4 weeks ago and lost half my left hand, I’ve had 3 surgeries so far and hopefully now my body has started the healing process but the worse pain without a doubt is the phantom pains in my missing fingers. I’d heard about mirroring before but haven’t done anything about it. After reading your article it’s given me the push I need, my gp will be getting a call in the morning. If I can make these pains go away it will be a big step to help me deal with everything else, the pain is so energy sapping it slows me down. Thank you again, I’m really looking forward to following your recovery, I wish you all the best for the future, take care😁


    1. Good morning. Thankyou so much for your message. I am always so happy when Ive managed to help anyone. Im so sorry to hear of your accident. It is so hard to go through any sort of pain, let alone one which never goes away. The mirror therapy is strange. At first you feel like its doing nothing, and can be sore when your doing it, but then one day you will realise that you have forgotten to do it; not because you diddnt want to, bit because you diddnt need to. Its amazing. I live with constant pain from my crps, and am going through the mirror therapy again to see if it may help with my crps. There have been a few experiments around it; so time will tell!
      I hope that it does work for you and you get some relief soon. If you can, please let me know how you get on. Take care. Lexi x

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  2. Hey lexi, good morning! Sweetheart I have just been back through your blog and read your story, OMFG, please excuse my language, but what you have been through is incredible, I felt a bit silly this morning after reading your blog and me complaining about a few fingers. In comparison, the pain you experienced is on another planet, I winced so many times listening to what you’ve been going through, and your still here to talk about it, your strength and willpower is mind blowing. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve tried several different things to help me focus and I know different things work for different people but I spend a lot of time listening to Tony Robbins on YouTube, Im learning to think differently and I’m finding it useful. I just thought I’d mention it to you, some of his videos and speech’s are very powerful, if they could just give a small uplift and some comfort then it maybe worth a look. As with the mirroring, the brain is very strange and powerful, the pain may always stay in the body but if you can rewire your thinking you can teach it not to listen to those signals. Anyway he may not be your cup of tea but I really enjoy listening to him! Thanks for the link, I’ll be happy to donate. I really wish you all the luck in the world in your recovery, stay strong and keep going. Best wishes lee 😁😁


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