The hilarity of the loo…

So, I am back at the learning estabishment. Glad to see that my notes on last year were duly considered by the powers that be!!? Which is to say, of course they were not! (For those of you who don’t grasp my sarcastic nature!). If you may recall, I asked for at least one of the couple of disabled toilets to be made a radar key, so that us folk who simply can’t fit through the door of a ‘normal’ bathroom, could actually access the loo when required. A radar key would not discriminate against hidden disabilities and mean we also do not have to keep taking time out of lessons to que for the toilet!

So months have passed, and it still has not been considered. There are two of us folk (ones on wheels) in my class, out of 4/5 in the whole college. Not many I hear you say. But there are so so many ordinary toilets which everyone else can access and yet they feel the need to use our only loo as their personal poo loo. Which means we can never get in the toilet. So far, I have missed over an hour and a half of valuable learning time queuing for the loo. It is worthy of mentioning that it is not just students either, it is also college staff who hog the bathroom.

This is the bathroom… To the left is the men’s, then round the corner, the women’s.

Now I wouldn’t mind it wasn’t for the case that all the other loos are within spitting distance to the disabled one, so it’s not like the normal folk have to treck via Spain to have a wee. They simply have to put one foot in front of the other and shuffle their weiry soles around the corner, as you can see in the photos. So basically this means, they are simply lazy buggers!!

The funny part is, I’ve been sat outside this toilet for over 20 minutes before… What the heck are people doing in there? Having a nap? It is funny, but when your desperate and having to keep leaving lessons to have a quick wee, it’s a nightmare of gargantuine proportions.

So, my quest shall continue. My life seems to have become a challenge of the loo… From one place to another, us disabled folk have to put up with ignorant idiots using the one loo we can get into instead of walking a few metres more to another toilet. What’s more is they never say anything, other than looking rather sheepish, when they see you sat outside in your wheels. I’d like to think they learn, but the truth is, bad we all know, they don’t!

Anyway, other than this, things are still kind of sucky on the treatment front. I have had my first zoom meeting with a lovely Doctor from the CRPS service in Bath. Hallelujah!!! There may be some treatment following also at some point! Thank goodness!!!

Still not able to wheel much at the moment. When your leg feels like it’s being cooked in an oven at 230 degrees it’s a bit tricky wheeling for miles and miles, and so I get out when I can, but by no means have given up. Just another blip in the crps v’s life saga.

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