Finally, I saw a Dr!!

So, as the title says, after 19 months I finally saw a vascular surgeon! It was short; the appointment, not him! He seemed fairly nice. He was basically only interested in checking that my leg wasn’t dying! I’m happy to say it isn’t. But as for the other problems, well I am not exactly sure. He said he will book me in for an MRI to see the deeper tissues! But there could be a wait… Hopefully not another 19 months! At this rate, if I can ever walk again, it will be with a Zimmer frame!!

It was nice to finally feel like something might be done. We discussed the possibility of an above knee amputation. This, as you may know is something that I am considering, if all else fails. He said that it would make my mobility worse!!! Worse! I’m already wheelchair dependent! How much worse can you get!! 🤣

Seriously though, I know what he means, but I’m fast approaching the decision that this may be my only avenue to walk again! This condition has taken so much from me, the only thing I ask for in return is that I can one day walk again. I want to walk, to run, to go back to Kathmandu and see Everest base camp. To walk down the road, hand in hand with my wife, which is a bit tricky when your wheeling! Last time I tried I ran over her foot, and my chair bruised her shin!! 😂.

So, I sit (again) and wait for an appointment. Hoping that I will receive one some day!!

Until then, back on the bike today (yippee) to fight my way through the crowds of people shuffling along the cycle path of Exeter Quay. It’s the birthday tomorrow! Another year older!! A birthday on lockdown. A ride in the morning, and then movie day with my favourite person (my wife). Have a great weekend all🤞

Last weekend on the bike 😃

One thought on “Finally, I saw a Dr!!

  1. Really good to hear that you’ve seen a doc! Your positivity shines through, but it sounds tough. Have a wonderful birthday Helen x


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