Tis the season….

Good morning. Well it’s nearly here! The day of celebrations and fun! I absolutely love Christmas. It was always a huge deal in my house, growing up. My mum would go all out. Even when I was really young, and my mum was a single parent, we didn’t have much money, but she would make it the most magical day. We would sit to the usual huge Christmas dinner, which always started with a prawn cocktail, and then a huge dinner with every vegetable known to man, and finishing with Christmas pudding. She would always put money in the pudding, and my two sisters and I would eat as much as we could to get the allusive pound coin! 🤪. But she would make everything herself, and it was so delicious that we would have eaten it anyway.

Things now a days are not much different with myself and my wife. She didn’t really celebrate Christmas in the same way, so I introduced her to what a proper Christmas looked like (to me anyway!). Lots of decorations, and food, and fun. She absolutely loves it. I haven’t spent Christmas with my family for a long time. My mum passed away during my first year at university, when I was training to be a nurse, and then the same old story; we just lost touch. There were alot of other details involved, but there’s no need to go into that ☹️.

Next to our tree, after completing the Santa 5k.

Last year was unfortunately dampened by our boy Winkeypoo passing away at the end of November. But we baught it together in the end, and celebrated for him, as he loved Christmas as well. He loved opening his presents and rolling about in the tinsel! So we decided to dedicate every Christmas to him.

Winkeypoo at Christmas.

This year has been a very difficult one for everyone. Covid has ridden us of our rights to see our loved ones. I think that alot of us want to assign blame for this, but the only thing we can blame is covid itself. I think we have to get on and enjoy the best we can. Our Christmas is never going to be the same. My sister is extremely poorly in hospital at the moment. She is a fighter, and loves Christmas as well. We were told on Tuesday this week that she had hours to live, but she is still hanging in there. I believe she is hanging on for Christmas. That time of year where we were always so happy ♥️. I have not been aloud to see her due to covid rules. Lots of people keep asking me if I’m not angry that I can’t see her. What good would that do? Being angry would not change things. She has her children with her, who are the most important people right now. ♥️

Now my point of telling you all this, is no matter what your circumstances, try to enjoy the best you can. For yourself, for your loved ones, past and present. Try to be kind and help where you can. Spread some joy! And remember your loved ones.

It breaks my heart to think of people being alone. No one should be alone at Christmas. So, if you are aloud in your covid restrictions to bring someone into your home on Christmas day, please do. You won’t regret it. Sharing your joy, passing it on, is probably the best gift you can give.

So, in the best way possible, have a lovely Christmas. Keep your spirits up and do the best you can. Remember it has been a hard year for the world, everyone is in the same boat, so cheer up who you can, and help who you can. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas. ❤️

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