Finished Everest, then all went down hill…

So, yep, I finished the Everest challenge. I set myself 3 weeks, but managed to finish it in 9 days. I am so happy that I immediately signed up for the next one, Mt Fuji. Yet, my body had other ideas. Apparently it has been telling me ever since that I’ve overdone it and now it won’t to anything I want it to. I have a huge list of things which need doing before Christmas, and I’m stuck on the sofa! Fibromyalgia flares and CRPS flares are ruling the days!

My last wheel of the Everest challenge

This is probably the worst thing for me. I’m not one who likes to sit and do nothing, or copes with it at all. I’m used to the crps flares. When these happen the pain is so intense that I don’t notice the world. Yet this new fibromyalgia thing is worse in a way. The pain is manageable, but only because the crps is so severe, that nothing else comes close. Its the nausea, the brain fog, the extreme tiredness and lethargy that I find impossible. Today, I hope to take my boxes to cats protection and little valley animal shelter. A thing I do every year. I put together boxes for the cats for Christmas. I can’t stand the thought of them having nothing on Christmas day, as well as having no home. I would give them all a home if I could. But because of my stupid illnesses I couldn’t take them. I’m hoping that I will be able to do it tomorrow. But I said I’d be there today… I have to change things, and rearrange things, and it’s torture. Anyone with these conditions will tell you. But there is literally nothing I can do to stop it, other than wait for it to pass, and hope it does so, in time for Christmas.

Boxes all ready for the puddy cats 🐈

I’m one of those people who believes that christmas is all about tradition. We have lots in our house. As well as the boxes for the cats, we take some chocolates to age concern. We like to spend the lead up to Christmas turning our home into Santa’s grotto. I make gluten free brownies and banoffee pie (my favourite). We buy far too much cheese. πŸ˜‹ I love to wrap presents and find the perfect gift for people. My mum loved Christmas, and I guess I got that gene!!

My tree, which I love, and my beautiful snowflake made by my good friend Maggie, next to our dedication to our boy, Winkeypoo ❀

So, what do you do when these stupid conditions treated to ruin it all? I honestly don’t know? But I’m hoping that they won’t. I’m hoping for a bit of good luck. 🀞. Our little family hasn’t has much of it this year… Maybe now it will be our turn? But I did wheel to everest (virtually) so that was awesome πŸ‘Œ

One thought on “Finished Everest, then all went down hill…

  1. Hi Lexi

    Hope you are well 😊
    After reading your post about your achievement reaching Mount Everest that is very good, but like you said it comes at a cost to your body. I think sometimes even I am the same I ignore what my body says and just carry on even though I know I will suffer in the end. I know some people will say why do it you know it will cause you problems, my hubby is the same trying to wrap me in cotton wool since I had the amputation but I need to learn to do things even if I push myself just a little to see how far I can go.
    I hope you and your wife had a good Christmas and you managed to do what you wanted. Our Christmas wasn’t to bad, watching Christmas movies, the only downside was when I went to bed thought I would try on my own for a change had a fall and landed straight on my stump omg it hurt. Didn’t tell hubby.

    Last week tried my leg out for the first time and it felt weird but my stump had other ideas and it did not like it at all. Tried different socks on it before putting the liner on then the leg. Wasn’t keen on the Terry toweling type, so left my compression sock on and put that on top. Stood up with the leg on and boy felt like someone had stabbed me. The scarring hurt like mad 😑 and the flap bit I have was pushed up and was not happy with it. Tried with a gel liner it definitely didn’t like that. So hopefully they will come up with something else. Also decided to go for a purple one which is different.
    Take it easy and have a good new year and let’s hope next year is better

    Brenda x


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