London marathon here we come…

Above is hopefully the link to my fundraising page for Blesma. So, you may have read on pervious posts that I plan to complete a series of events this year to raise money for Blesma. As you also may have read, this charity is very close to my heart. They have helped me and my family so much since my amputation. So I feel it is only right to try to give back. Last week I received the wonderful news that I have been accepted to complete the London marathon as part of #team blesma. I am so honoured to have been selected. I am hoping to raise at least £2000 for them. I have set a fundraising page to include all the events I plan on completing this year. I will be completing 2 half marathons, 2 marathons and a Triathlon. On top of this I will be completing a number of virtual events. All of this will be completed using my normal everyday wheelchair, my Quickie Argon 2. I have heard that I will be the first woman to complete a marathon using a normal wheelchair like this. I know lots of women have completed a magnitude of distances using a sport chair, but not their day one. Maybe I’m the only person crazy enough to try! Ha ha!

Here she is… The chair which I will be self propelling all those miles…

I have set up a Facebook page, titled the same, and shared my page amongst my 400 Facebook friends, yet so far only received 1 donation, and I can’t thank that lovely chap enough. I am hoping my page may be shared far and wide so that I can raise as much as I can for such a wonderful charity for limbless veterans.

I will be keeping everyone updated along the way of this journey. My CRPS and Fibromyalgia are going to definitely present a challenge, but I am extremely motivated and have longed to complete a marathon and Triathlon for years. It was whilst training for these events over 8 years ago that my feet began to hurt, which led to my 1st surgery, which led to my CRPS, which 8 surgeries later, led to my amputation, which brings us back to my having crps again! So, if you can’t run it…wheel it!

3 thoughts on “London marathon here we come…

  1. Looks like you are going to be busy this year. Good on you, not letting it beat you like many would. The challenges sound hard but I know you will do your best or even better. I made a small donation on your giving site. (it’s in my maiden name Brenda Whitehouse). I do like the wheelchair you are going to use,when doing the marathons. If you don’t have upper body strength before you start you will by the time you finish. I must admit I have been looking at them. I have an appointment with wheelchair services at the beginning of March, so hoping they will allow me to have a decent one. Since my boss is now in charge of wheelchair services for the NHS so hoping for a few perks. One only hope’s.

    Walking with the prosthetic leg is not going too bad, tried today at Physio, had on silicon liner, two thick stump socks, another liner, socket then sleeve. I was surprised I could bend my knee. But suffering now.

    Good luck and keep updating


    1. Good morning Brenda.
      I’m so glad that you have been trying your prosthetic, it is so sore at the start, but I found the more I wore it, the better it got. But it is so important to build up very slowly. I thinks that is what I didn’t do! The wheelchair I use is the Quickie argon 2. It is brilliant, and super light. I got that one so that I can get in in and out of the car on my own. If you drive and say you want ot be independent, they should offer you this one as it’s the best one for that. It’s also great if you are planning on wheeling yourself places. I wanted to do my events deliberately in it to show what is possible in a normal chair. For those who can’t afford a sport chair. To show you can still enter and complete sporting events. I’m still yet to discover if other women have done marathons using a normal chair, but hopefully the powers that be will get back to me.
      Thankyou so much for your donation. You are so very kind. I am finding the fundraising side extremely hard tbh. It’s what people said to me when I first had my amputation, ‘you find out who your friends are when you need them the most’. Well it seems like I am another amputee who has found out the hard way, that all those who I believed to be great friends have whittled away into the ayss. My mum would have said, ‘well they’re not worth it anyway!’ I know that is true, but doesn’t make it any less hurtful. Of try 400 friends on fb none have donated and 1 has shared my page! Live and learn!!
      But I will get on with it, and I’m hoping to plan some fundraising events locally. Blesma are helping with a few ideas. I hope to raise as much as I can for them. They deserve it.
      I am so glad that you are doing alright. I really appreciate your kind support and words.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 💛


    2. Hi Brenda

      I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for donating to blesma. It is such a fantastic charity, and I hope to do as much for them as I can. They are just incredible. They have helped me so much, it is the least I can do to give back.

      How are you getting on? Have you managed to get a wheelchair sorted out? How’s the prosthetic walking going?

      I hope your well.

      Lexi x


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