Another one down! Then down I go!

Well, on the 25th of June I made it to event number 3, the Plymouth rehabilitation Triathlon. It was my 1st military event, and I was the only female veteran. It was brilliant. I have not felt that comradory in years. It was so much fun. It started with a bang, and an interview on ITV Westcountry, which I am still yet to see as it aired during my event. We arrived at 8am, but had to wait until 2pm for my wave in the event.

Being filmed for itv westcountry

When the event came, I have to say, I was suffering. I had a fibro flare that morning with a migrane to boot. But I said I was going to do it, and nothing was going to stop me. I felt absolutely awful. But as soon as I got in that water, there was no turning back. The swim was in a sea water outdoor pool, which was freezing cold. I got a mouthful of sea water on my 1st stroke, which completely put me off of putting my head near the water, so I swam the whole lot with my head up. Not easy, and not how I’m used to swimming, bit it was rather that than vomit in the pool!

The swim

Then after the swim came the bike. I was the only female in my category and against men who were using trikes with their legs. Some had battery assist on them (not strictly in the rules) but oh well. I was using my handbike. The course was 4 loops of a very tough downhill, then extremely steep, very long uphill section. It was killer by the 4th lap. But I did it. The crowd support was amazing.

On the bike

Then came the run part, which was with a difference. It was actually a row on a static rower. I chose to use one leg and row fully. It was very hot, and my arms were so tired by this point. But again the crowd and my awesome wife got me through.

The row

Then when it was all done, we all waited til the end of the day where the Royal Marines band played an amazing set. Then came the prize giving, and we all had no idea of how we had done, as there were over 125 competitors. I was gob smacked to hear my name called in the silver medal position for my category. I really didn’t expect that at all.

Receiving my medal from Colonel Chris Haw. A very proud moment.

All in all, it was an amazing day. I can’t thank my wife enough for supporting me all day. She was my cheering section and stood up all day. I am so lucky to have her.

Then a few days later came the crash as we both came down with covid. As a result I had to cancel my Cardiff half marathon, which was 9 days post Triathlon. I felt ready, then poorly. I’ve now had covid for 5 days and I feel terrible. I can barely sit up, and that’s not like me at all. I will work through most things, but I can’t work through this. I have rescheduled to another event which is at Dorney Lake on the 17th of July. I’m just hoping I can make that. I need time to train, and prep myself for the upcoming world record attempts, so this couldn’t be worse timing. I was also supposed to be going to the Aaron Lewis foundation rugby 10’s this weekend, which is now impossible. They have helped me so much. They bought me my handbike so I could compete in triathlons. So I am super gutted about this.

So for now, I am resting, and hoping that I get better soon. Trying the best I can to have a contingency plan just incase, but it is hard. I feel poorly. I have no tastebuds, which is my only vice (food!). I need to be training. Yet I know I can’t. It’s the worst thing for any athlete. But now I must listen to my body, and behave myself, and hope it goes soon.

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