To the track we go…

As my journey into the life of an amputee is progressing. Im finding that there are alot of challenges, but also alot of things that you can do as well. I went to Exeter Arena for a trial on the sport wheelchairs. It was absolutely incredable. Actually alot harder than the pros make it look. But amazing. I had a one to one coach for the hour from southwest athletics academy, who taught me how to wheel, and turn. The gloves were the funniest. You need help to get into them. Theres a hole for your thumb and 2 for 2 fingers, and another 2 for the other 2. Then your fingers get taped shut into a sort of fist, and you punch the wheel to make it move! Its really tricky to get the right movement. But a couple of times it went really well and I felt like I was flying. It was amazing. Id love to do more of this. Especially when my challenge is completed. Maybe look at sprinting? If any of you get the chance to give it a go, I would thoroughly recommend it. Just so much fun.

Workin it on the track 😁

By the time id gotten to my training session on Sunday, my body was rather exhausted. So far this week its been to the gym 4 times, wheeled around the track and wheeled in the heavy brick for 5 miles! So sunday was a hoot!! Very slow. Very tiring. But still good. Everything hurt. Which I see as a kind of test. If I can keep going through the pain now, then It will prepare me for the pain during the event. Get used to it now, so it will be better then.

My route along Exeter Quay.

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