Bilbo of Bagend!

This is what ‘stumpey’ is fast becoming. We’ve gone from being swolen and chunkey, to thin and baggy, hense the name! But now we have made some progress in the world of walking. I have had 2 sessions with the pam aid, which is basically a long blow up leg which goes over your stump with a metal frame, so that you can kind of walk. These all went really well. Then I was casted for my leg. Basically a plaster cast of my stump. This was a really funny morning. Catherine, my prosthetist, and her student both did a casting, and both times stumpey diddnt want to let it go! So the plaster got stuck. We all tried to pull it off, but no luck, so it had to be cut off! But it wasnt the end of the world. Even though it had a big cut in it, the cast could still be used for my new leg. Then before I knew it, my leg was here and I got to try it on. My foot hadnt arrived at this point, so I was using a loan foot, but I got to have a go. First it felt really strange. I hadnt walked without crutches in such a long time. The socket itself felt quite tight and was actually really painful. Me being the stupid me that I am, diddnt say to Catherine quite how painful it was and just tried to go with it and grin and bear it. This is not the best thing to do. The prosthetist needs to know what is happening so that she can make adjustments. So on my second visit, I did say. But unfortunately by this time, I was in alot of pain in general.

(Left) the pam aid & (right) my new socket and loan foot.


So, Ive been in alot of pain for the past week. It started very randomly when I was sat in my wheelchair in my kitchen. All of a sudden stumpey started to hurt. A combination of feeling like someone was scraping out my bone marrow with a spoon, and horrific painful pins and needles. The concerning thing was that the pain was similar to my CRPS pain. The strength was right up there too. I just hope that I am wrong. Ive had similar pains in my other foot too over the past few weeks. So hopefully its just pains from use. But you know when you get a sixth sense about things. I get this, and Im not usually wrong. But I really hope that I am this time. When we walked using my new foot yesterday, I could tolerate my prosthetic for a few minutes before I had to take it off. The new foot is amazing. Its like a mini blade. Aparently im the 1st person in the southwest to get a foot like this. Its super springy, and almost feels like a real foot. I love it. I may be able to take it home at the end of the week, if all is well. In the mean time, its back to waiting to see doctors for me. Trying to find out what this pain is. Just keep everything crossed for me that its not the dreaded.

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