Hell week!!!😢

Last week was indeed the week from hell. As you may have read I was doing my condensed course in driving. So, on the Saturday before I started having back pain in the centre of my back, both sides ironically where your kidneys are positioned. This was then joined by pain under my ribs at the front. Trying to ignore it, I started my driving lessons. My instructor ‘Darren’ with second 2 none driving school; was absolutley amazing. He was very supportive and had a great way of teaching and putting someone at ease. On my 1st lesson I drove for 5 hours. He said that he was really impressed and even felt the need to ask ‘are you sure you havnt done this before?’. I got my parking in mainly 1st time. All was well. On the second day, i hadnt slept much due to the increasing pain in my back and abdomen, but again I persevered. It was the early hours of Wednesday that I was awoken in agony. I ended up waking my wife to ask her to drive my to hospital at 5am. After the usual epic wait for triage, i was sent strate to majors; put in a gown; and given a load of morphine. Anyway, a very long day, with a ton of tests; including a very unpleasant internal gynocological ultrasound (dont ask?), revealed Renal Colic. I was aloud home with alot of meds.

Determined to carry on with driving, i made it to my lesson on Thursday. We had quite alot to do with a whole day lost. But my lovely instructor reasured me that he was not worried, as I was doing so well. I have to say at this point, that I do not like duel carrageway driving. Its terrifying! But I did loads of it. Still in alot of pain on Thursday, my back started to itch, as did my abdomen. A rash appeared, which was extremely sore to touch and spread around the left side of my body. Yep, I had also developed Shingles. So I didnt sleep at all on Thursday. Not ideal for my driving test on Friday. Needless to say, that I did not pass. I was in so much pain and so exhausted, but I still wanted to try. The examiner asked me to head towards Plymouth on the duel carraigeway, and apparently I stayed in a lane too long. He siad that I diddnt mirror, signal, manouvour enough. I remember doing it everytime, but I think that I diddnt make it obvious. So all i all; not good. I have rebooked my test. My new date is the 20th of December. Lots of time for more practice.

So i now have new medication for my Shingles as well. My wife picked up my prescription today from the pharmacy, in a carrier bag. There was alot! I havnt been able to move much at all. Absolute exhaustion and pain prevented this.

Im starting to think that I must have done something really terrable in a previous life. I seem to be going from one health problem to another, adding pain upon pain. Or maybe its because im a very lucky, very fortunate person to have found my soul mate, my wonderful life; that the balance is agonising pain?

Either way, I declare that it is not fare. I really just need something to go well. At least the extra illnesses to dissipate, and maybe even a bit of intervention for the ongoing ones, would be amazing. Im still awaiting a specialist for my crps. Still waiting for everything basically!

Who knows? Maybe 2020 will be amazing. I do hope so. I like to think that I dont let stuff get to me, but it can be tricky at times. Especially what things do not go well at all. I think the trick is to stay as positive as possible. Not easy. But positivity is the better option. The only way from down, it up. 😄

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